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Tuition Fees & Expenses


For a 4 + 1 student, tuition for the MLS program year is $4,000 and is payable to Parkview Medical Laboratory Science Program.

For a 3 + 1 student, Parkview has a tuition reimbursement agreement with many academic institutions (colleges and universities which the 3 + 1 student attends and in which the student is enrolled during their last year of education while attending the Parkview MLS program). Students attending those academic institutions pay tuition directly to the academic institution. The academic institution will then pay Parkview a percentage of that tuition as outlined in their respective agreements.

If a 3 + 1 student attends an academic institution that does not charge tuition during the clinical year (while the student is dually enrolled at the college or university and Parkview’s MLS program), tuition paid to Parkview directly by the student will be institution-specific based upon the affiliation agreement between Parkview and the academic institution.

Current fees are discussed at the interview. All fees are subject to change without notice.


Students are required to purchase or rent their textbooks. A textbook list will be provided to the students after their acceptance of placement into the program or upon request.


Laboratory coats designed to protect the wearer from exposure to blood and body fluids are provided by Parkview. Students will need to purchase and wear royal blue scrubs.

Meals and housing

Students must provide their own meals and housing. Meals may be purchased in the hospital cafeteria. Students may also bring (pack) lunches and snacks.


Students are responsible for any health care expenses they may incur and are strongly encouraged to have health insurance.

Students are covered under the hospital's liability insurance policy, although students may elect to purchase individual liability policies.

Medical examinations

Each student will be required to pass a physical health examination and urine drug screen (10 panel) that are to be taken between 30 days and 60 days before the start of the program year. The student is financially responsible for this examination and testing. Vaccinations and/or titers must also be documented and are the financial responsibility of the student. Costs will vary between providers.

Certification examinations

While passing a national certification exam is a goal of the program for the students, graduation from the program is not contingent on passing a national certification exam. Students graduate from the program based on their performance throughout the program year and passing the program's cumulative final exam, culminating in earning a graduation certificate. Once students have graduated from the program, students are eligible to pursue national certification offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) or other nationally recognized certification agency. The certification exams cost approximately $250 each.

Withdrawals and refunds

A student may feel the need to withdraw from the program for any number of reasons. The withdrawal procedure is in place so the student can explore alternatives for completing their education.

Steps to withdraw:

  • The student initiates the withdrawal procedure by scheduling a meeting with the program director.
  • The program director will notify the director of corporate laboratory services prior to the meeting and ask if they wish to be present at the meeting or to meet with the student separately.
  • At the meeting, the status of the student and alternative options will be discussed.

The program requests that the student allow a one-week period for thoughtful consideration before proceeding.

The student submits a formal letter of resignation to the program director.

All tuition and fees charged through Parkview will be due 30 days after the billing date(s). If a student withdraws from the program for any reason, the amount of time spent in the program will determine if the student is eligible for a refund and, if so, to what extent. The refund deadline is three months after the start of the withdrawing student’s program year. Parkview will reimburse 100% for up to two weeks spent in the program, 75% for up to four weeks, 50% for up to eight weeks, and 25% for up to 12 weeks from the start of the program. No refund is made after the 12-week deadline.


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