Asthma Diary

Using an asthma diary

You can use an asthma diary to help track your symptoms, your peak flow readings, and your asthma triggers.

  • Record your symptoms.
    • If you have an asthma attack, write down what you think triggered it and your symptoms.
    • Write down what kind of medicine you used for quick relief and how well it worked.
    • Note if you had to call your doctor or get emergency care. This can help you know your triggers and help your doctor monitor your treatment.
  • Record your peak expiratory flow.
    • Measure your peak flow often—every morning and evening if possible—if your doctor recommends it.
    • It may be helpful to record your peak flow using the same green, yellow, and red zone system used in your asthma action plan.
  • Share your diary with your doctor when you have a checkup.