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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Parkview Therapy Services and Parkview Athletic Rehabilitation offer vestibular rehabilitation therapy to help patients recover from concussions and to help treat symptoms of vertigo. Our ImPACT®-certified therapists help patients that have suffered a concussion return to sport and to life safely.

What is vestibular rehabilitation therapy?

Vestibular therapy is a specialized form of therapy used to improve balance and reduce dizziness associated with vestibular dysfunction. Parkview Therapy Services and Parkview Athletic Rehabilitation physical therapists who are certified in vestibular therapy are specifically trained to treat these types of symptoms, along with treating headaches and fogginess resulting from sport-related concussions.

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What does vestibular rehabilitation consist of?

Vestibular rehab consists of a multitude of exercises including visual tracking, coordination of vestibular and ocular systems, balance training and strength and proprioception of the neck muscles. Treatment plans are individualized to a patient’s symptoms and rehab goals.

Different tests include assessing the patient’s ability to track with their eyes, assessing symptoms with different head movements and testing balance. The physical therapist will also screen the cervical spine for any musculoskeletal involvement, including neck movement and muscular tightness.