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Pilates Therapy

What is Pilates therapy?

Pilates Therapy

Pilates therapy is a whole-body therapy that is especially helpful for treating back pain, including lower back pain and scoliosis. Parkview Therapy Services offers pilates therapy at its downtown Fort Wayne location.

Pilates therapy focuses on the body as a whole, not just an isolated problem. During Pilates therapy, the body is placed in the most symmetrical and balanced position in an effort to place less stress on the body during daily activity or sport-specific activity.

What are the benefits of Pilates therapy?

The major benefit of Pilates therapy is that it helps balance muscles and restore proper body movement and positioning. When recovering from a knee injury or replacement for example, there may be an imbalance in the strength of the quadriceps and the hamstring. Pilates therapy can use various exercises and movements to correct that and build the weaker muscle.

Another benefit of Pilates therapy is its scalability. Movements can be adapted and made easier or more difficult depending on a patient’s condition or activity level. Regardless of your level of strength, fitness or stage of recovery, Pilates exercises can be modified to benefit your specific situation.

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