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Blood Flow Restriction

With the most certified sports specialists in the region dedicated to treating athletes, Parkview Athletic Rehabilitation is on the cutting edge of physical therapy treatment and technology – including blood flow restriction therapy.

What is blood flow restriction therapy?

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a new physical therapy technique used in both rehabilitation and performance training that increases strength without the stress of loading heavy weight on the body.

Simply put, it allows you to increase muscle strength and size while training at 20-30% of maximum intensity. It has gained popularity among both rehabilitation professionals and high-level athletes because of its significant benefits to rehabilitating and healthy athletes.


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BFR therapy is available at all seven Parkview Therapy Services orthopedic physical therapy and Parkview Athletic Rehabilitation locations.

Benefits of blood flow restriction therapy

The benefits of BFR have been widely studied within the physical therapy community. When an athlete is in a rehabilitation program, therapists spend time and effort to regain muscle strength and size that may have been lost during the recovery process. Because they’re not fully healthy yet, it may be unsafe to lift at the intensity required to build that muscle.

BFR training allows the athlete to exercise at a lower intensity while still increasing strength and muscle growth without stressing the injured area. It also helps patients heal more quickly through increasing collagen synthesis and bone-healing factors.

BFR training has the same effect in healthy athletes looking to increase muscle strength and size with a lower risk of injury than high-intensity weightlifting.