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Aquatic Therapy

The aquatic therapy program is one of many orthopedic physical therapy programs offered through Parkview Therapy Services. Aquatic therapy may be a great solution for patients dealing with back, hip and knee pain as well as other orthopedic conditions. Available only at our clinic within the Lehman YMCA, where our partnership with the YMCA allows us access to pool facilities.

How does aquatic therapy work?

Aquatic therapy uses the buoyancy of water to allow patients to exercise and rehabilitate with less stress on injured joints and muscles. Some patients or conditions may not respond as well to land-based rehabilitation, where the stress of body weight on the injured joint or muscle may hinder recovery.

In our aquatic therapy pool inside the Lehman YMCA, you’ll exercise in warm, 86 degree water under the direction of one of our certified physical therapists.

Parkview Therapy Services offers direct access to orthopedic physical therapy - no referral necessary.
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What are the main benefits of aquatic therapy?

With the buoyancy of water taking a significant amount of weight off of injured body parts, aquatic therapy allows patients to increase strength in an environment with reduced stress on joints compared to training on land.

Aquatic therapy also allows for an increased range of motion without painful or aggressive stretching.

Exercising in the water requires patients to stabilize their whole body, so aquatic therapy also improves balance, core stability and posture as patients use many different muscles to stay upright and balanced.

Patients also may see decreased overall pain due to the warmth of the water, desensitization of overactive nerves and muscles due to the water pressure, and decreased swelling in the limbs.

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Aquatic therapy is available at:

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