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Spinal Fusion

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What is a spinal fusion?

Spinal fusion is a common type of minimally invasive spine surgery performed by our expert SpineONE team of surgeons.  Spinal fusion, also known as arthrodesis, is a surgery that joins (fuses) two or more vertebrae together.

Methods of doing spinal fusion may include:

  • Using bone that is harvested from elsewhere in the body or is obtained from a bone bank to make a "bridge" between adjoining vertebrae. This graft of bone stimulates the growth of new bone.
  • Securing metal implants, such as screws, to the vertebrae to hold them together until new bone grows between the vertebrae.

A spinal fusion eliminates motion between vertebrae and prevents the stretching of nerves, ligaments and muscles in the surrounding area.

These procedures often are coupled with a laminectomy or decompression procedure, which involves first removing the arthritic bone or herniated disc that may be putting pressure on the nerves.