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Spine care solutions to help you, get back to being you

The SpineONE team at Parkview Ortho Hospital and Ortho NorthEast (ONE) develops personalized spine care plans based on your specific condition and needs, ensuring that we offer the most effective solutions for back and neck pain - surgical or not. Our staff – including nurse navigators, surgeons, therapists and more – works together to ensure a comprehensive, personalized care plan is carried out.

Whether you’re seeking treatment for a degenerative condition causing chronic pain, need the highest level of expertise and care following a spinal injury, or are looking to return to an active lifestyle free of back and neck pain, the SpineONE team is built to collaborate with you. We’ll come up with a treatment plan that leaves you pain-free and helps you enjoy life again.

We treat a wide variety of lumbar and cervical spine conditions and injuries, including:

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Minimally invasive spine procedures

We specialize in minimally invasive procedures that reduce the length of time spent in the hospital and the amount of time it takes to heal and recover. Procedures such as discectomies, laminectomies and spinal fusions are all done in a way that limits the impact on the surrounding muscles and tissue.

For active adults that need a solution to back pain or injury, minimally invasive procedures can get you back to doing what you love quicker and with less pain.

We also know that spine surgery is not always the answer when it comes to reducing back pain, and we know that every patient is unique. That’s why we have pain management experts and physical therapists who can help ease pain through non-surgical methods such as:

Excellence in patient care

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At Parkview, there’s a core belief that what’s good today can be even better tomorrow. It’s the kind of thinking that leads us to better care — and to making every experience the best it can be. It’s also helped Parkview Ortho Hospital, together with Ortho NorthEast, earn The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for our Spine Surgery Program. This exclusive certification reflects our commitment to higher standards, offering the latest treatment options and providing quality, coordinated care from a team of specialty physicians, nurses, physical therapists and more. That’s healthcare we can all believe in.