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Refer your patient to the Women's Heart Clinic

Our team of experts are dedicated to the heart heath of women. We are pleased to work with you and your patient to improve their quality of life through evaluation, education and awareness.

At the Women’s Heart Clinic, a physician will determine the best treatment options for your patient. Recommended treatment will depend on medical history and a physical examination. Throughout your patient’s care, the clinic’s care team will work closely with the OB/GYN to ensure that needs are addressed and a plan for follow up is in place. Upon referral, your patient’s current condition and history will be evaluated by members of the care team to identify the best treatment plan for that individual.

Our team includes:

  • Physicians specializing in women’s heart health
  • A pharmacist specializing in medication management for cardiovascular patients
  • A registered dietitian dedicated to cardiovascular patients Treatment

We look forward to continuing to evaluate your patients and working together to provide treatment that will lead to the best patient outcomes. 

How do I refer a patient?
  • Parkview referring providers: referral in EPIC: REF12, Dept. spec: Cardiology, Women’s OB Heart Clinic
  • Non-Parkview referring providers: call 260-266-5680 or toll free at 800-637-6505. 
Indications for referral

Referrals may come from OB or primary care for:

  • Women with a prior cardiac history who are considering pregnancy.
  • Women who have cardiac symptoms during pregnancy.
  • Women who have high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Post-partum evaluation of women who have had gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia during pregnancy given their increased risk for future cardiovascular events. The clinic can help them develop a prevention plan to reduce risk of cardiovascular events long-term.
Why Parkview Heart Institute?

In the Women's Heart Clinic at Parkview Heart Institute, patients experience:

  • Coordinated care by the clinic care team, beginning with a new patient assessment, and the education, support and treatment that follows. At Parkview Heart Institute, all aspects of care will be provided in one convenient location.
  • Specialized treatments that deliver cutting-edge technology and an individualized treatment plan that addresses the unique ways that women experience heart disease.
  • Education about medications, dietary considerations and physical activities to best manage symptoms.
Our expert team

When you refer patients to the Women’s Heart Clinic at the Parkview Heart Institute, they will be under the supervision of the Women’s Heart care team

Meet our expert team

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Parkview Heart Institute collaborates with the Parkview Research Center to create opportunities to receive cutting edge treatment and care.

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Parkview Heart Institute is an entire hospital dedicated to fighting heart disease. Our physicians and staff are focused on offering our patients excellent care, every day. Throughout the region, families experience Parkview’s dedication to all aspects of heart care: prevention, early detection, treatments and rehabilitation.

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