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Rapid Diagnostic Unit

A sudden onset of gastrointestinal (GI) issues can be stressful and lead to many questions. At Parkview, we want to help manage your health and get you back to enjoying your normal activities.

For the most urgent needs, your health care provider can refer you to the GI Rapid Diagnostic Unit.

What is the Parkview Rapid Diagnostic Unit (RDU)?

The Parkview Rapid Diagnostic Unit (RDU) is a specialized area of the hospital for patients who require evaluation and diagnostic testing for urgent gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms or conditions. The purpose of this unit is to reduce the time it takes for you to receive a diagnosis and plan of care from weeks or months to as little as a few hours.

The RDU, started by Parkview specialty GI and endoscopy nurses, allows patients to receive labs, imaging and endoscopies, as well as meet with a specialty provider, all on the same day.

Patients who are admitted to the RDU may expect to spend several hours there, depending on the diagnostic testing and evaluation that may be needed. Patients may expect:

  • To receive a plan of care by the end of the day.
  • A diagnosis that may require a same-day procedure, typically performed in the afternoon. If this is required, a patient will spend additional time at the hospital to complete their procedure.
  • After receiving a care plan, some patients may be admitted to the hospital for additional treatment. For patients who are admitted to the hospital, the goal is to reduce the length of stay by immediately implementing their care plan.


The Parkview Rapid Diagnostic Unit is located on the second floor of Medical Park 11 on the Parkview Regional Medical Center campus.


If you feel the Rapid Diagnostic Unit is the best fit for your needs, please contact your healthcare provider to request a referral.


Questions or concerns? Call 260-266-8001.