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Parkview OnDemand Terms & Conditions of Use

Parkview OnDemand may only be used to request advice for certain non-urgent conditions by established patients.  Do not attempt to seek emergency care through this service.  If you have an urgent need to see a medical provider, please contact your health care provider by phone.  For medical emergencies, please call 911 immediately. The following are examples of conditions that need immediate attention: 

  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath   
  • Unresponsive, confused or weak
  • Allergic reaction with trouble breathing
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Severe headache
  • Injury with loss of consciousness or bleeding that won't stop
  • Sudden change in speech, sudden change in vision, numbness
  • Suicidal thoughts

Definitions: A video visit is a real time connection to a provider in the form of a video feed, where both parties are visible to each other.  It is recommended that patients seek a private location with a secure connection to ensure a HIPAA safe environment. A visit through the Parkview OnDemand platform may alternatively be conducted telephonically due to patient preference or technology failure, in which instance these terms continue to apply.

By scheduling a video visit, you must acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions related to these types of visits:

  • You agree that you are scheduling a visit for yourself or a dependent, and that you have access to your dependent’s account. 
  • You are at least 18 years of age and have the capacity and ability to make medical decisions for yourself, or your dependent. 
  • You will be present during the duration of the visit, for yourself or your dependent. 
  • Parkview Health does not and will not prescribe controlled substances or narcotics, or refills for either of these prescription types, through video visits. 
  • You acknowledge that Parkview Health is not obligated to treat your condition during your video visit. If a Parkview provider assesses your condition and determines that you are not a candidate for these visit types, you will be referred to an appropriate level of care within Parkview Health. 
  • You acknowledge that Parkview Health is not responsible for hardware or software failures that may occur on your device at any point during a video visit. 
  • The video visit may become unavailable and your visit canceled, delayed or interrupted by a technology or equipment failure. You acknowledge Parkview Health is not responsible for any hardware or software failures on your personal device that may occur during a video visit.
  • You acknowledge the risks, benefits and alternatives to receiving care via a video visit. You voluntarily consent to and request, as applicable, a video visit, understanding that you could instead call to request an in-office visit with a provider.
  • You acknowledge that you have reviewed the Terms of Use and Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA Policy) found on /legal/privacy-and-terms-of-use and /legal/privacy-practices
  • You acknowledge that your treatment plan may or may not include prescription medications.
  • You acknowledge that a video visit cannot reliably treat all conditions, and is more limited than an in-office visit because a physical exam is not performed.  In some cases involving a video visit, a poor video connection may limit the ability to treat.  Your physician will determine which medical conditions may be treated using these services.  

Governing Law
You acknowledge that Indiana law will govern any dispute between you and Parkview Health.  Further, you agree not to hold Parkview Health liable for any condition that occurs as a result of a technology failure, or for your failure to provide complete and accurate information in your request for a Video visit, or during the video visit transmission. 

Financial Information
By scheduling a video visit with Parkview Health, you agree to be financially responsible for the charges associated with your visit and agree to pay Parkview for the cost of the video visit (currently $49). You acknowledge that Parkview Health will not bill your insurance ( which includes Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and CHIP as well as commercial insurance) for this visit, and this visit will be treated as a self-pay visit. You have the right to submit this claim to your insurance on your own behalf but that does not guarantee your insurance will reimburse you for this visit. Parkview does offer telehealth services that are billable to insurance. If you would like a list of those options, please visit the Find Care page.

Response Times
If your symptoms get worse before your video visit is initiated, you understand you should seek medical care.  Please contact your provider's office, go to the nearest emergency room or in an emergency call 911.

Agreement to Terms and Conditions
Parkview Health reserves the right to update and change the video visit terms and conditions.  You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions each time you request a visit.  In accepting the terms below, the use of this “check box” or “toggle” is my confirmation of this agreement. If you wish to decline, select Cancel. By signing below, I accept these Terms and Conditions on my behalf and on behalf of the patient, if I am acting as their legal representative.  

Behavioral Health Service
If you are accessing Parkview OnDemand in order to access Behavioral Health Services, the following terms also apply. The Behavioral Health Services are not provided by Parkview. You acknowledge that the providers providing medical care through the Behavioral Health Services are not Parkview employees but are independent contractors.