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Not for Profit

What is a not-for-profit?

Glad you asked. Like other not-for-profit organizations, we are responsible to the communities we serve. Unlike for-profit organizations which are responsible to their private owners and/or stockholders to produce a financial gain, a not-for-profit is legally and ethically bound to “do good” for the benefit of its community. Our governing board is made up of community leaders and earnings are reinvested for the benefit of the community.

Putting people ahead of profits:

Why a not-for-profit hospital can mean more for you.

Which hospital you choose really does make a difference. Because Parkview Health is a not-for-profit organization, we’re guided by a different set of rules and core beliefs than a for-profit health system. Here are just some of the ways Parkview is all for you.

  • Decisions are based on putting people first.
  • We seek to provide the excellence, innovation and value you seek in terms of convenience, compassion, service, cost and quality.
  • You are at the center of a world-class team of care providers, among them: physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and co-workers in dietary, housekeeping, patient accounting, security and many more. 
  • We help you develop a personalized health journey to achieve your unique goals.
  • We’re focused on you as we ask “what’s best for this person?”
  • Our mission is: “do good” and serve the community, not private investors.
  • Every person we serve receives the same high level of care, regardless of your insurance plan or ability to pay.

Earnings go back to the community, not investors.

We’re owned by the community, not private investors.

  • As a not-for-profit, we return our earnings to the community – in the form of new facilities, world-class technologies and community health programs.
  • We also provide much-needed services to underinsured, uninsured and charity patients, even when it means we receive no reimbursement.
  • We’re accountable to you, not a group of shareholders in another location, to produce a financial gain for the continuation and growth of services and facilities.

We offer and research unique and new lifesaving treatments and programs for the entire region.