My Best Health

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Are you ready to make a long-term commitment to improving your health that will last a lifetime? If so, it's time to consider My Best Health, a program offered through the Parkview Center for Healthy Living at several Parkview campus locations.

My Best Health is a six-month program designed to help you make healthy lifestyle behavior changes by setting personal and intentional goals to improve your overall health and well-being. Participants are provided with monthly specialized support and resources from a team of professionals, including a well-being coach, registered nurse, registered dietitian and personal trainer. Each participant will work with the team to set attainable goals based on their personal health journey. Maintenance for the program is also available.

My Best Health is available through the Parkview Centers for Healthy Living. Class size is limited to 10 participants at each location, and you must submit a fully completed application to be considered. Participants will receive an official welcome packet via email. Please note that completing an application does not guarantee automatic enrollment into the program.

You can download your application here or visit any Center for Healthy Living location to pick up an application. 

Once your application is completed, please email your application to Taylor Yoder at or call 260-347-8126 to learn more about the program, cost and enrollment opportunities.