Adult and Pediatric Trauma Centers

Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne, Ind., is home to Parkview’s verified Level II Adult and Pediatric Trauma Centers. 

What’s special about our verified trauma centers?

When multiple, significant injuries occur, it’s important to have quick access to a verified trauma center for treatment that offers the best possible chances for survival and recovery. Verification means that Parkview’s trauma centers meet or exceed national standards for the procedures used in treating traumatic injuries.

In 2000, the Parkview Trauma Center was initially verified by the American College of Surgeons, followed by the addition and verification of the Parkview Pediatric Trauma Center in 2003. Parkview achieved reverification for both of these trauma centers in 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018.

Our goal is always to provide the best trauma care to each adult and pediatric trauma patient. For verified trauma centers such as ours, four areas of activity are essential to achieving that goal: quality, registry, research and outreach/education. 


Parkview Trauma Centers maintain a trauma registry, a database of information on cases that is primarily used to monitor the continuum of care, from injury prevention to outcomes measurement. This registry contributes information to the National Trauma Data Bank, the Indiana State Department of Health and the Trauma Quality Improvement Project (TQIP).


Research is a vital component of the Parkview trauma program because of its implications for:

  • Quality patient care
  • Proper utilization of healthcare services
  • Quality data
  • Prevention efforts

Parkview has engaged in trauma research since its Level II trauma center was initially verified in May 2000.

We conduct and participate in research studies and are among the elite few trauma centers nationwide whose staffs include a trauma epidemiologist and a data specialist with graduate-level training in public health. This team validates data and tracks trends related to traumatic injuries.

Outreach and Education

A verified trauma center is one component of a trauma system – the broad network of emergency medical providers, firefighters and law enforcement personnel who care for people with life-threatening industries.

Our trauma centers maintain a robust outreach program with these goals:

  • Improve patient outcomes from major trauma through the dissemination of knowledge and expertise related to patient care
  • Participate with regional agencies, organizations and providers in efforts to continually strengthen the regional trauma care system
  • Facilitate access to trauma center resources, such as educational and/or prevention programs, performance improvement, consultation and referrals
  • Support educational programs of regional facilities and trauma healthcare personnel

We provide instruction on a variety of topics and host educational opportunities featuring industry experts.

The 31st Annual Trauma Symposium is tentatively scheduled for May 11, 2022.

  • Adult and pediatric symposium events for trauma system personnel and other healthcare providers
  • Professional conferences on topics of interest related to trauma
  • Skills training and refresher courses
  • Monthly Trauma Grand Rounds

Many other educational opportunities and resources are provided throughout the year, including access to the triage decision scheme established by the American Trauma Society.

In 2011, we expanded educational opportunities for healthcare professionals who work with children by establishing a relationship with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Thanks to this ongoing collaboration, Parkview clinical staff members have been able to use the pediatric simulation lab at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for hands-on training to further their trauma skills.