Cardiovascular Health & Wellness Clinic appointments and referrals

Our team at the Cardiovascular Health and Wellness Clinic will identify and help you modify risk factors that could lead to heart disease. Risk factors are aspects about you, your lifestyle or your family history, that increase the likelihood of you developing a disease. Modifiable risk factors are those which you can reduce or eliminate through healthy lifestyle changes. Estimates suggest that 80 percent of cardiovascular events can be prevented.

Cardiovascular Health & Wellness Clinic
8028 Carnegie Blvd., Suite 130
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

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At the Cardiovascular Health and Wellness Clinic, a specialized team will determine a personalized plan for reducing your risk of heart disease and maximizing your heart health. You are unique. Any recommended changes to your lifestyle habits will depend on your medical history, risk assessment, physical exam and the stage or severity of any condition identified at the clinic. Treatment is often addressed through these approaches to modifying your daily lifestyle:

  • Control blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels
  • Become physically active
  • Follow a heart-healthy eating plan
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Manage your stress
  • Quit smoking

For questions about the Parkview Heart Institute’s Cardiovascular Health and Wellness Clinic, please call 260-266-5680. 

Parkview Heart Institute is pleased to offer video visits for your safety and convenience. Learn more about our video visits here.

The Cardiovascular Health and Wellness Clinic is located in southwest Fort Wayne, within the Parkview Inverness Medical Park.