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Therapy for bladder control problems

A new and better way to help you regain your freedom.

Millions of people suffer from bladder control problems. As you face the reality that you are missing out on much that life offers, you know you are not alone. And, you know that medical assistance is the right choice for you.

Parkview Physicians Group – Urology was the first urology group in Northeast Indiana to treat bladder control problems with InterStim® Therapy for urinary control. InterStim® Therapy is designed to treat urinary urge incontinence, urinary retention or significant symptoms of urgency-frequency in select individuals.* This therapy uses a small device to send mild electrical pulses to a nerve located in the lower back - just above the tailbone. The nerve, called the sacral nerve, controls the bladder and surrounding muscles that manage urinary function. The electrical stimulation may eliminate or reduce certain bladder control symptoms in some people.

A physician's examination and evaluation can determine whether you are a candidate for InterStim® Therapy. You may be a potential candidate if your bladder control problems are not effectively managed by more conservative treatments and you have otherwise normally functioning urinary systems.

*InterStim® Therapy does not treat symptoms of stress incontinence. InterStim® Therapy has not been studied in pregnant patients, pediatric patients, patients with diabetes, or patients with multiple sclerosis. It is not intended for patients with mechanical obstructions such as benign prostatic hypertrophy, cancer or urethral strictures.

InterStim® is a registered trademark of Medtronic, Inc.