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Helmet Safety

Helmets save lives

Make the decision to wear a helmet. Parents who set an example by wearing a protective helmet during bicycling or other physical activities are more likely to have children who wear a helmet. While adults account for 88 percent of bicycle fatalities, the use of a helmet can save a life at any age.

Helmet safety tips

  • Wear helmets that are age appropriate
  • Make sure your helmet is worn correctly and fits appropriately
  • Properly maintain the condition of your helmet and replace it in the event of a crash
  • Ensure your helmet is safety-certified
  • Make the decision to wear it

Parkview Safety Store

The Parkview Safety Store, located at the Carew Medical Building, offers injury prevention merchandise and safety supplies to enhance public safety. The store provides safety-certified bike helmets for children and adults for $10, and fittings to ensure the proper fit for each individual. In 2019, approximately 400 helmets will have been sold at the safety store, while nearly 200 helmets are provided at no cost to Allen County children.

Visit the Parkview Safety Store