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ConforMIS iTotalĀ® Knee

At Parkview Ortho Hospital, a new advancement in knee replacement technology is now available: the ConforMIS iTotal® knee implant. It’s individually designed and customized to your unique anatomy, allowing for a better-sized and better-aligned implant. For many patients, the ConforMIS iTotal® knee has resulted in a more natural-feeling knee replacement. This customized approach may reduce pain and swelling, and contribute to a quicker rehab and recovery process.

How is the ConforMIS iTotal® knee made?

The implant is developed using imaging technology that creates a detailed 3-D map of your knee. 3-D printing technology is then used to create a precise wax mold of the implant, which is used to create the metal components of the implant.

All surgical instruments needed for the procedure are also 3-D printed and calibrated for use only with you. They are used once and then discarded, eliminating the need for repeat sterilization.


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