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Stroke Treatments

A stroke is a medical emergency and treatment is time sensitive. Early detection and rapid treatment are critical to prevent long-term disability or, even, death. Two million brain cells die every minute in which a stroke goes untreated. The sooner one seeks medical treatment, the better the outcome. If you or someone close to you experiences a stroke, it is critical to immediately call 911 for medical care to begin as quickly as possible. 

Parkview's stroke services begin when a patient arrives at one of our emergency departments for rapid evaluation and treatment. The treatment approach depends on a number of factors, including the type of stroke an individual experiences, personal health history and, perhaps most importantly, how quickly the individual seeks medical treatment.

Assess Your Stroke Risk

Lower your risk of having a stroke by adjusting your lifestyle habits. This handy stroke risk scorecard reveals the lifestyle factors that affect a person’s risk. Share this tool with your physician to set your goals.

Stroke Risk Scorecard

Recovering from a stroke?

Follow-up care after a hospital stay is provided by a neurologist or neuro-interventionalist within the Parkview Neurosciences practice on the Parkview Regional Medical Center campus.

To schedule, call 260-425-6780.