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Diabetes Education and Resources

Learning healthy habits to manage your diabetes is hard work. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for a while, attending a diabetes education class can provide you with the knowledge and skills to live a healthier life. 

Topics include:  

  • Getting to know diabetes.
  • What a healthy plate looks like.
  • Move more often, have more fun.
  • Checks for blood sugar.
  • Goal setting secrets and your support network.
  • Solving problems - the helpful, healthful way.
  • Taking medications.
  • High or low results? What to do next.
  • The good news about carbs.
  • Protect your health from head to toe.
  • New reasons to shed old habits.
  • Preparing for the unexpected.
  • Stress less, achieve more.
  • Have a nice (and healthy) trip!
  • Healthy living for your heart.

You will receive support and resources from health professionals with special training and skills in diabetes care and education to help you meet your goals. Class topics are based on educational content from the American Diabetes Association.

To enroll in one of these learning opportunities, talk with your primary care physician about a referral. 

For more information, please call 260-373-4280. 

Web resources

ADA Resources

Whether you've been diagnosed recently or have had diabetes for years, the American Diabetes Association offers valuable information and tools to help manage your condition.

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