Parkview Employer Clinics

Parkview Employer Solutions partners with employers to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles for health plan members, their spouses and dependents. This is done by focusing on early detection, treatment and management of chronic diseases through employer clinics. Employer clinics can help your health plan members manage their long-term well-being as well as take care of their immediate healthcare needs.

Why choose Parkview Employer Clinics?

  • Be more attractive to top talent
    Offer your workforce a highly sought-after benefit that helps attract top talent and enhances employee loyalty by providing comprehensive, affordable, and accessible healthcare.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Our employer clinic models are designed to help reduce healthcare costs, both for your organization and your employees, driving greater financial stability and productivity. By using predictive analytics, we encourage your rising risk plan members to proactively address health conditions before they become more costly.
  • Increased productivity
    By ensuring timely, personalized care and promoting preventive measures, our employer clinic models empower your employees to focus on their health, leading to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.
  • Convenient, high-quality care
    Our employer clinics focus on the provider-patient relationship. Patients are guaranteed a 30-minute appointment time, allowing for increased collaboration and education during each visit. We also provide a streamlined scheduling process and option for same-day appointments, guaranteeing efficient and timely care. Our employer clinics have achieved a high average patient satisfaction score and have been recognized as “raising the bar for all Parkview outpatient clinics when it comes to service excellence” by Parkview leaders.

Our goal is to keep your workforce healthy and help you lower the overall cost of your company’s healthcare over time. If you are interested in learning more and joining our efforts in shaping the future of employee healthcare, contact our team at 260-373-9017 today!

Current employer clinic partners include:

  • Fort Wayne Community School Corporation
  • Northwest Allen County School Corporation
  • City of Columbia City
  • Whitley County Consolidated Schools
  • Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community Schools
  • Challenge Tool & Manufacturing

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