Signature Care

What is Signature Care?

Parkview Signature Care is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network of physicians and hospitals featuring services at Parkview-owned facilities which offer the most competitive pricing and discounts. Signature Care is neither an insurance company nor a healthcare provider. However, it is a network of contracted healthcare providers and facilities designed to help employers take control of their healthcare costs.

Why Signature Care? 

Signature Care offers the best discounts on services provided at Parkview hospitals and by Parkview physicians, which provides significant cost savings to both the employee and business. The network allows employees and their families convenient access to hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers throughout Indiana and northwest Ohio. Approximately 98% of all physicians and specialists in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio are in our network!

What are the benefits?

The Signature Care network includes more than 21,000 healthcare providers and facilities across the region. In addition to each of the high-quality, 4-star rated Parkview hospitals, Signature Care is pleased to include Cincinnati Children’s, Cleveland Clinic, Indiana University Health and University of Michigan as in-network Centers of Excellence hospitals. We are committed to providing access to cost-effective, quality care.

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Who should consider Signature Care?

The Parkview Signature Care network is for employers that are self-funded or partially self-funded. Whether you are in Human Resources or Benefits, or are an Agent or Third-Party Administrator, consider Signature Care. Contact us today to learn more! Call 260-373-9017.

If you are a member in need of Customer Service, please call 260-266-5510 or 800-666-4449 (toll free) or email