Employer Clinic Models

Whether you’d like to host a clinic at your business or share a clinic with another organization, we offer customizable clinic model options to best suit your needs: dedicated, shared and virtual.

  • Dedicated - The dedicated clinic model is an on-site, employer-specific clinic that aims to bring employees greater access to primary care, annual wellness visits and chronic condition management and education.
  • Shared - The shared clinic model allows multiple employers to offer their employees access to primary care, annual wellness visits, chronic condition management and education at designated shared employer clinic locations. Our growing network of shared employer clinics increases access to high-quality healthcare for employees while decreasing costs for you -- the employer. You and your employees gain access to a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals who specialize in employer medicine and practice a lifestyle medicine approach to provide personalized care focused on overall well-being.
  • Virtual - The virtual clinic model gives employees the opportunity to conduct a video visit with a provider in a designated, private space at the employer Monday through Friday. Available services include scheduled and same-day primary care appointments, wellness visits, treatment of chronic conditions and, when needed, referrals to medical specialists. A scale, blood pressure cuff, iPad and cart with a virtual exam kit are provided. Visits are billed to insurance with an opportunity for a direct billing agreement.

Each clinic model includes the use of predictive analytics to identify rising-risk employees and dependents. Our care coordination nurse team then partners with rising-risk employees to create a health improvement plan, review medications and increase engagement in their health journey.

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