Parkview Select Care

Parkview Select Care is a fully insured health plan product aligned around receiving excellent care provided by providers who are part of Parkview Physician’s Group (PPG) and our extended clinically integrated physician/specialist network; as well as hospital-based inpatient and outpatient care delivered at Parkview Health facilities across our region.

Parkview Select Care will be administered through a partnership with SIHO Insurance Services. The health plan will offer 12 different health plan designs, including both PPO and high-deductible health plan design options. A robust wellness program can be paired with each of the plans. By participating in Parkview Select Care network, patients are directed towards a reasonable cost of care, while maintaining the highest level of quality care.

  • Quality of care is achieved through coordination of care and information sharing to ensure patients receive care that is safe, timely, effective and efficient – meeting or exceeding national quality standards.
  • Patient experiences are led by physicians who work to restructure their practices to provide excellent care for every person, every day. Beyond the physician, patients in value-based payer plans have an entire care team helping them understand their health status, truly meeting patients where they are to create a personal health journey. Nurses, social workers, medication specialists, behavioral health specialists and other experts help patients get the resources they need to improve their health and well-being.
  • Value, in terms of reduced waste in healthcare, means eliminating medical expense waste. Examples include:
    • Duplicated or unneeded testing
    • Hospital readmissions
    • Delayed decisions or actions due to lack of information
    • Avoidable emergency department visits
    • Avoidable inpatient hospital stays 
  • Employee access to a comprehensive selection of providers to meet their needs. 

For more information about network options and services, call 260-373-9017 or email us at