Employer Clinic Services

The list below provides an overview of the standard services offered. Customization is available for all employer clinics.

  • Primary and secondary disease prevention and treatment
    • Diagnosis and treatment of most chronic health conditions.
    • Routine screenings (glucose monitoring, blood pressure checks, cholesterol levels, etc.).
    • Routine injections (flu and vaccine administration).
    • Evaluation and basic medication management for behavioral health conditions in patients over 21 years of age.
  • Lab and diagnostic testing
    • Lab testing at no cost to the employee.
  • Routine medication management and refills
    • Formulary of acute and chronic medications dispensed during the visit at no cost to the employee.
  • Acute care
    • Treatment of acute, non-life-threatening illnesses, injuries and infections including:
      • Cold, flu, cough, fever or acute headache
      • Ear or sinus infections
      • Sore throat or strep
      • Wheezing or symptoms of asthma
      • Rashes, cuts and scrapes
      • Strains or sprains
      • Skin or nail infection
      • Allergic reactions
      • Gynecological complaints
      • Urinary tract infections
      • Acute musculoskeletal issues
      • And more
  • Preventive care
    • Comprehensive well woman exams.
    • Routine physicals (adult, college, sport and camp).

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