Occupational Health

More than injury treatment

Accidents and injuries cannot always be avoided. Partnering with an occupational health provider that has staff certified in Indiana’s occupational health standards and regulations helps you and your employees with:

  • Quicker return to work timeline
  • Better communication and compliance
  • Less stress

Parkview Occupational Health can help treat and prevent injuries. Injury prevention paired with evidence-based, best-practice injury treatment can help create a healthier, more productive workplace – and a healthier bottom line.

With our patients’ best interests as our focus, we perform ethical and appropriate evaluation and treatment that align with the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) guidelines. We provide value-added expertise regarding causation, OSHA recordability and ability to return to work.

Our providers, clinical staff members, and case managers are working for you, to treat and return your employees to work as soon as possible. Let us help control costs through progressive care and early-return-to-work and prevention initiatives. 

Make the investment in Parkview Occupational Health today

Employers with a workforce that has undesirable occupational health risk factors can experience the following costs related to workplace health occurrences:  

  • Legal fees  
  • Fines  
  • Compensatory damages  
  • Investigation time 
  • Lost production  
  • Lost goodwill with the workforce, customers and the community  

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