Employer Clinic Success Metrics

Our employer clinics are focused on providing your employees with easy access to on-site wellness services and medical care, making them less likely to ignore symptoms that may develop into costly conditions. Our clinics are more than a concierge service. By providing value-based care, we improve the quality of your health plan. We believe that outcomes are important and want to help you lower the overall cost of your company’s healthcare over time.

The following are outcomes we track to measure the success of your employer clinic:

  • Improved compliance with preventive measures
    • Tobacco usage
    • Hypertension
    • Flu shot compliance
  • Improved disease management compliance
    • Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular disease
  • Reduction in ER visits
  • Increase in clinic utilization and primary care encounters

Employer clinics enhance access to high-quality healthcare and can decrease the cost of care for both the employer and employee. In working with our current employer clinic partners, we have seen the following outcomes:

  • 87% of clinic patients managed blood pressure control in 2021, on par with the benchmark of 85%.
  • 71% of clinic patients who had uncontrolled blood pressure in 2020, managed their blood pressure in 2021.
  • 14% of virtual coaching participants, 18% of email coaching participants, and 18% of in-person coaching participants lost 8% or more of body weight, achieving medically impactful weight loss.
  • Total cost for clinic participants living with diabetes was 25% less than non-participating employees living with diabetes.

Employer clinic quality measures examples

In addition, we hold quarterly Joint Operating Committee meetings to monitor the program and collaborate on innovative ways to reduce the total cost of care.

Keys to developing a successful employer clinic include:

  • Leadership engagement
  • Health and wellness incentives
    • Participation in screening and educational opportunities
    • Creating a wellness committee
  • Promoting services
    • Sending regular communication to employees
    • Developing a marketing plan
  • Creating convenience
    • Access to care
    • Virtual options

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