Employer Clinic Care Team

The Parkview employer clinic care team includes a variety of medical and professional personnel provided by Parkview Health that may include the following:

  • Medical director
    • Leads a team-based approach to best support patient health.
    • Collaborates with other members of the care team when necessary.
    • Guides employer clinic advance practice provider.
    • Oversees clinical policy and chart audits and reviews complex cases.
  • Advance practice provider
    • Works closely with physicians and other care team members to ensure optimal care.
    • Engages the team in the best approach to support the patient’s care.
    • Provides care that is unique to patient needs.
    • Develops treatment plans for acute and chronic diseases and conditions.
    • Orders and interprets testing, prescribes medications and refers patients to specialists, as appropriate.
  • Certified medical assistant or licensed practical nurse
    • Reviews and prepares patient medical record prior to visit.
    • Leads a daily care team huddle to guarantee all patient needs are being met.
    • Prepares the patient for their visit with the provider; ensures all vital elements of their visit are addressed.
    • Reviews preventive health information with the patient to promote well-being.
    • Collaborates with providers and care team members to respond to calls and MyChart messages.
  • Preventive care coordinator
    • Creates a patient health improvement plan and guides patient through appropriately paced care.
    • Identifies gaps in care and barriers to attaining improved health.
    • Coordinates care by serving as the contact point, advocate and resource for the patient.
    • Collaborates with the patient, primary care provider and care team to continually assess the patient’s knowledge of their clinical condition(s) and provide education and self-management support based on the patient’s learning style.
  • Wellness coach
    • Provides employees with personalized support to meet their wellness needs
    • Works with individuals or groups to set goals, answer questions and celebrate successes along the way.
      With the support of a wellness coach, your employees can be assured that you will build confidence in their personal health and well-being. Partner with a wellness coach to:
      • Determine readiness for change.
      • Create a wellness plan specific to individual needs.
      • Implement individual wellness plan.
      • Maintain behavioral changes.
    • Workplace presentations/lunch and learn topics include:
      • Exercise
      • Nutrition
      • Stress
      • Sleep
      • Additional topics available upon request.
  • Support services
    • Answers all incoming general office calls.
    • Collaborates with provider and medical staff to respond to patient needs.

Parkview MyChart

Parkview MyChart integrates with our network of providers and specialists to provide patients with a single point of access to their medical records. MyChart can also be used to:

  • Schedule clinic visits and video visits
  • Access personal health information
  • Communicate with the care team via messaging

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