Offering video visits from the workplace

Parkview Health is working with businesses to bring onsite virtual healthcare visits to employees. Virtual care from Parkview connects employees to the care they need by utilizing innovative remote exam technology. Our providers can listen, diagnose, and create a treatment plan to help keep employees at work.

Employees can schedule appointments to be seen by a Parkview provider right from the workplace.

This means:

  • Less time spent out of the office
  • Travel time and gas savings
  • Skip waiting in the doctor’s office
  • Shorter wait times
  • Enhanced virtual visits with remote exam kit
  • An additional care option to reduce avoidable ED visits

Care options

An Employer Virtual Care Clinic provides a wider coverage of healthcare including:

  • Treating Illnesses
  • Specialty care referrals
  • Annual wellness physicals
  • Follow-up for wellness test results
  • Discussing birth control options

Frequently asked questions