These are the items a podiatrist says you should pack for vacation

Last Modified: 4/19/2021


This post was written by Ashley Bojrab, DPM, FACFAS, ABPM, PPG – Podiatry.

The spring and summer seasons often mean more vacation time. Many are certainly eager to start traveling again. When we think of items to pack, clothing comes to mind, perhaps medications and toiletries, but what about your footwear? These are my recommendations, based on the location and activity involved with your getaway.

An outdoor escape

If you plan to go hiking and enjoy Mother Nature, a thick-soled hiking shoe or boot would be best. If you’re going to be traversing any rugged landscapes, your footwear should have thick tread to manage the uneven terrain.

If you’re going camping, throw an extra pair of waterproof sandals in your bag to wear in the community showers or hotel room to prevent unwanted athlete’s foot. And don’t forget the bug spray! No one wants to deal with itchy, irritating bites on their ankles.

Fun in the sun

If you’re treating yourself to a beautiful beach vacation, there are a few things to keep in mind. Avoid going barefoot in the sand and/or ocean. Wear water shoes that have a rubber sole to protect the feet from sharp debris, which can penetrate them and cause injury.

Planning to lounge around the pool? Make sure you take a pair of sandals, as the pavement around the water can get dangerously hot and burn or hurt the bottoms of your feet. And remember, when applying sunscreen, don’t forget your ankles and feet. They can burn just like the rest of your skin!

Taking in the sights

If your vacation agenda includes sightseeing or attending a sizeable amusement park, it would be best to wear supportive shoe gear. It’s nice to have a new pair of shoes with lots of support, but remember you need to break them in before going long distances. Try wearing them around the house for a week or two before the trip. 

Wearing supportive walking shoes will keep your feet feeling good longer so you can do more and see more. Don’t forget to pack plenty of clean socks. You’ll be happy you have them.

Enjoy your adventures, everyone!

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