The Parkview Breast Care Team. Diagnosis

This month, we’ll be taking a closer look at the mission of the Parkview Breast Care Team as their work relates to the prevention, treatment and recovery of breast cancer cases in our community and beyond. 

A cancer diagnosis can lead to a range of emotions and often many questions. Our Breast Care Team is designed to see patients quickly after a diagnosis, often within the first 48 hours. Our expert physicians spend time with each patient to ensure questions are answered and to help you fully understand your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Tumor Board.
A unique feature of our Breast Care Team is that every new breast cancer diagnosis is presented at a special meeting featuring physicians, nurses and care coordinators. During this meeting, each diagnosis is discussed to ensure the best treatment approach for each patient. This multidisciplinary collaboration and planning improve efficiency and ensure that you and your care providers know your diagnosis and treatment plan.

New guidelines, medications, procedures, labs, screening and diagnostics tools are reviewed and incorporated into the workup and care for patients within a setting that allows for an objective review by a variety of care providers, including genetic counselors, navigators, dietitians, survivorship programs and more.

The creation of the Tumor Board is truly a unique, thought-leading model based on the need for progressive cancer care. It facilitates the creation of databases and implementation of research and clinical trials. Through this innovative team-based approach, we can advance care for our patients — improving all aspects from experience and efficiency for the patient to clinical quality and innovation.


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