Spotlight on: Parkview Noble Hospital

Date founded: Established in 1912 as Lakeside Hospital. The name changed to McCray Memorial and that facility was purchased by Parkview Health in 2000. It became Parkview Noble Hospital at that time and a new facility was opened at the 401 Sawyer Road location in 2004.

Beds: 31

Physicians: 191

Volunteers: 88


Noble Fact No. 1

The Parkview Center for Healthy Living at Parkview Noble Hospital has a Patient Navigator, Taylor Bontrager, who assists members of the community by answering questions and helping them as they traverse the healthcare system.


Noble Fact No. 2

The health walk, a 2/3-mile-long trail, opened in 2006, followed by the meditation garden and gazebo in 2008. The cornerstones were from the original hospital and actually held time capsule from 1912. The contents can be seen in the display cases just inside the front entrance to the hospital.


Noble Fact No. 3

The Center for Wound Healing at Parkview Noble Hospital opened in October 2015. It has two hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers which take patients “on a dive” and provide 100 percent pure oxygen, which improves circulation and aids in the healing of wounds.


Noble Fact No. 4
The Family Birthing Center has 5 postpartum rooms and two large birthing suites, one of which boasts a birthing tub should the mother choose to use it.


Noble Fact No. 5
Parkview Noble Therapy features a special gym for pediatric patients. The team of 7 pediatric therapists conducts physical, occupational and speech therapy all within the colorful, interactive space.


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