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Parkview Noble Hospital, a member of Parkview Health, is an acute care facility with expert medical, surgical and emergency services. Provide patients and families with exceptional care, the latest technology and a wide variety of services.

Programs & Specialties

Health and Wellness Center

Leading a healthier, fuller life doesn’t have to be complicated. Let Parkview Noble Hospital’s Health and Wellness Center help you make simple changes in your activity level and nutrition for a more vital you! The center offers free blood pressure checks, reduced-cost blood tests, and foot and other screenings, as well as fitness classes that range from gentle yoga and Tai Chi to energy dance and Zumba®. Cooking demonstrations by our dietitian, a diabetes support group and other special programs take place at the spacious center regularly, including an exercise program for people who have Parkinson’s disease or other neurological conditions. Find out more today by calling the Parkview Noble Health and Wellness Center at (260) 347-8125 or toll free (888) 737-9311, ext. 78125.

Zumba® is a registered trademark of Zumba Fitness, LLC.

HeartSmart CT Scan

Every year, millions of Americans suffer a sudden heart attack, with nearly one-third not surviving the event. This does not need to happen. HeartSmart CT Scan – now available at Parkview Noble Hospital – is a simple, non-invasive scan that can detect coronary artery disease in its early stages. Call (877) 225-5747 to schedule your HeartSmart CT Scan.

Sleep Clinic

Restful, restorative sleep is essential for your health and wellness. Without it, you may increase your risk of heart disease or other illnesses.  If you are often sleepy during the day and wakeful at night, suffer from chronic snoring or creeping, tingling sensations in your legs or arms, talk with your doctor. All are common signs of a sleep disorder, a very treatable condition. To reach the Sleep Clinic, call (260)347-8268.

Endoscopy Center

The Parkview Noble Hospital Endoscopy Center is like no other place in Noble County. Here, you find comfort, privacy, convenience and the region’s only high definition scope technology. The American Cancer Society recommends a screening colonoscopy for everyone age 50 and older. Screening is the single best method for discovering polyps and cancer at the earliest stages. To schedule your colonoscopy today contact your family physician or call the Endoscopy Center at (260) 347-8590.

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