Smart choices at the taqueria station

March is National Nutrition Month, and we’ll be celebrating with helpful pointers, discussions about diet and videos from the talented team of Parkview dietitians.

First up, we took a field trip over to the Parkview Regional Medical Center cafeteria to explore the taqueria. Mexican cuisine is a fan favorite for most diners and thankfully, it offers a lot of healthy versatility, if you know what to add to your plate. Adrianne Kartholl, RDN, clinical nutrition supervisor, Parkview Health, takes us down the assembly line of ingredients for a flavor fiesta, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Adrianne’s tips for making your Mexican guilt-free:
  • Opt for a salad or burrito bowl.
  • For your base, choose lettuce or brown rice, and pair it with black beans to make a complete protein. This is a great vegetarian option!
  • For a lean protein, choose chicken or one of our smart vegan protein options, such as jackfruit.
  • Roasted vegetables add flavor, vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Skip the queso! It’s high in fat and sodium. If you have to have cheese choose the queso fresco, which is lower in fat and sodium.
  • Top your bowl with plain salsa, which is low in calories and fat, but high in flavor.
  • Embellish your entrée with corn salsa, pico and lettuce.
  • Remember you can always halve the portion and add a fresh fruit cup.


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