EMT training: A team approach to problem-solving

Last Modified: 10/12/2021

EMT training program

This post was written by Gary Adkins, president, Parkview Noble Hospital.

As you can imagine, the landscape of healthcare has been ever-changing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hospital teams have adjusted to numerous changes along the way, including procedures, guidelines for personal protective equipment (PPE), patient volumes and more. It’s been an immensely challenging time, but with flexibility, patience, tenacity and teamwork, we continue to navigate the unknown for the sake of our patients and their families.

What hasn’t changed is the fundamental character of the people at Parkview who build their lives around caring for others. We are problem-solvers by nature, so we seek to understand and address challenges when we encounter them. Knowledge and teamwork are pivotal, and just as we apply those tools to patient care, we also apply them to the needs of our community. We are incredibly proud of our EMS co-workers, who work tirelessly to provide professional, compassionate first-response care and services daily in Noble County and surrounding areas. Theirs is not an easy job, but it is a vital and rewarding one.

The challenge

Currently, qualified paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are in short supply across the region and nation. Fortunately, at Parkview Health, we continue to provide high-quality care to every person every day by utilizing support from across the health system when needed. But, to help bridge this gap, we decided to look to our relationships with community partners for a solution that could benefit everyone.

The plan

Parkview Noble partnered with Freedom Academy, a nonprofit training organization providing workforce skills and development courses throughout Northeast Indiana, to offer training for residents interested in becoming EMTs. At which point, Freedom Academy reached out to discuss the creation of an EMT training course.

This partnership will allow students the opportunity to interact with a Parkview paramedic with field experience, so they get exposure to real-world situations and instruction from a seasoned professional. We also believe this course and these classes will provide a great educational experience and a potential source of employment that could be life-changing. Earning EMT certification can open doors to other emergency medical services (EMS) roles, such as paramedics or other healthcare positions.

The program

The training course will run from October through February. At its conclusion, students will take a test to earn their certification as EMTs through the Indiana Emergency Medical Services Commission. The maximum number of students who can enroll is 20, but registration is already filling up, so anyone interested in the training course should not delay.  

Parkview Noble/Parkview LaGrange EMS training officer Tina Sellars, NREMPT-P PI, is ready to welcome interested candidates. She is looking for individuals who hold a valid driver’s license, are responsible, reliable and feel called to care for people during the most stressful circumstances of their lives. High school students may enroll in the course; however, they must turn 18 by the course’s conclusion in order to receive state certification.

Furthermore, we are excited about developing potential candidates for employment who share our drive to serve the community. It’s a commonsense partnership creating opportunities for personal growth and good jobs, and we’re excited for the first course to get underway.

Event information
When: Classes will begin October 25, 2021, and will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-9 p.m.
Where: The Community Learning Center located at 401 E. Diamond Street, Kendallville, IN

For cost information and to enroll in the EMT training course, please call Freedom Academy at 260-347-0887. The deadline for registration is October 20. Once enrollment reaches at least 15 people, as the training institution, Parkview Noble EMS can provide students with the convenience of taking the test locally instead of traveling to Indianapolis. The Freedom Academy can also help students find financial assistance as needed.

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