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Eight years ago, Rip Esselstyn, founder, Engine 2, made a name for himself by overhauling the diets of the BBQ-loving team at a Texas fire station, creating in its place a crew of plant-based eating powerhouses. Now he invites everyone to explore and embrace the benefits of meat-free meals through his books, retreats, meal planner and blog. His inspiring crusade to improve the lives of others has made Rip a household name in the vegan community.

Ahead of his appearance at the Live Healthy Summit at the Grand Wayne Convention Center tomorrow, he shares some of his thoughts around the health issues in our country and the role food can play in sparking significant change.

How would you describe the current state of health in our country?

The current state of "health" in the United States of America is not healthy at all. In fact, we have the greatest "sick care crisis" in the world today. We currently spend over 3.2 trillion dollars annually to address a spiraling out of control healthcare industry.

What role does nutrition play in our current condition?

Nutrition is at the heart of solving this sick care crisis. It is imperative that we get doctors and others in the healthcare profession on board with the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet to address the five major chronic western diseases that are gobbling up 75 percent of our annual healthcare bill. And the science is clear; all five can be slowed down, prevented and even reversed by adapting a whole food, plant-strong diet.

What are some of the biggest barriers to proper nutrition?

Our traditions and all of the noise and distractions that are out there in the airwaves today. 

Which chronic diseases are most impacted by our diet?

Cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and obesity.

What are some of the most impactful changes we can make to improve our health? 

Avoid all meat products. They have the building blocks that promote chronic western disease. Avoid dairy products that have the same DNA as meat. Greatly limit the amount of processed and refined food in your life. Focus on whole, plant-based foods that are as close to grown as possible and minimally processed. Next, watch your health blossom and your weight melt off.

What motivates you to address these issues and help others improve their health?

As a former firefighter who loves nothing more than to help people and save lives, it is my mission to educate people on the benefits of eating "plant-strong" so they don't get "burned" and ultimately die before their time as a result of the Standard America Diet.

What can people expect to gain from your presentation?

The seven simple guiding pillars that will allow them to take back their lost health while eating satiating and delicious meals blessed by a bunch of Texas firefighters!

Want to hear Rip in person?

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