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Is bariatric surgery the best option?

Last Modified: July 17, 2018

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Ryan Singerman, DO, director, Parkview Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery, knows that obesity is a disease, much like any other. Here, he offers some guidance for those exploring their options for weight loss, including how to evaluate if bariatric surgery is appropriate.

Is bariatric surgery the right fit?

We have only treated less than 1 percent of people who need bariatric surgery in America. This option is something to look into if you’ve struggled with obesity since childhood. Also, if you have tried to lose the weight multiple times and you still aren’t getting results, it would be fair to consider bariatric surgery.

Side effects and things to consider

If you are too heavy, it may be too dangerous to undergo bariatric surgery. The patient’s BMI has to be under 60. If you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, it is something to consider and discuss with your partner. If you have any other conditions, such as diabetes, substance abuse, heart disease or lung disease, that are not under control, it’s important to address these existing issues.

Other options

Parkview offers an individual, tiered approach to weight loss. We want to find what will work for you and your budget. Our Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery team includes dietitians, a clinical psychologist, movement experts and a registered pharmacist (current medications could be contributing to weight gain). This team will determine triggers and target a diet plan for each individual.

Common misconceptions

The biggest misconception is that bariatric surgery has to be a last resort, but really, bariatric surgery is the most supported way to lose 10-15 percent of excess body mass. This should be the No. 1 consideration for people who have struggled with weight loss.

Another common misconception is that people think if they have the surgery, they failed or that they took the easy way out. This is entirely wrong. Our bodies have almost 400 hormones with the sole purpose of keeping us at the same weight. We have 10 hormones that tell us to lose weight.

Those who are obese, have a disease. This is not because they are fat, lazy, dumb or unmotivated. Most people have tried 20-30 times to lose weight and can’t. We know obesity causes or worsens more than 250 diseases. If you had a tumor in your breast, and you had an option to do a surgery and remove it immediately or go through years of diet and medication that may worsen things in the long run, which would you choose?


To learn more about the resources available to you at PPG - Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery, including our free seminars, contact our office at (260) 266-6060 or fill out this form and one of our care team members will contact you with more information.

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