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Wellness All the Way: Behold

Last Modified: December 05, 2023

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Dave Johnson, PhD, CNS, BC, LMFT, employee assistance specialist, Parkview Health, reminds us to slow down so we don’t miss the true magic of the season.

The holidays are filled with food, festivities, frenzy and, of course, the financial weight of gifting.  This year, I invite you to be more intentional about the holiday spirit and observe how it shifts your mindset.  

A spirit-filled word that helps us be more mindful, is “behold.” The word behold literally means “to be sure not to miss this” – to see, wake up to, notice, consider with awe – this moment.

In our hurried lives, sometimes breathing and beholding the simple joys of the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of the season sparks the goodness within us and the charity of simply being present. If you behold the sacred and mundane, you’re more apt to give of yourself – your gifts of time, talent or treasure. Showing up with an attitude of behold punctuates the ordinary and the extraordinary to be present in the season of giving.  Slow down. Savor. Behold.


A healthy holiday mindset

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