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Responding to COVID in 2021: Adult and Pediatric Long-Hauler Clinics

Last Modified: January 20, 2022

Diseases & Disorders, Family Medicine

As the pandemic ebbed and flowed throughout 2021 and into 2022, it became clear that there was both an adult and pediatric population in need of care and support for symptoms persisting after they recovered from their initial COVID infection. These long-term issues vary widely, from fatigue and shortness of breath to headaches and muscle aches, to palpitations and chest pain, as well as mental health concerns.

In an effort to help those feeling overwhelmed by these issues, Parkview established both an Adult COVID Long-Hauler Clinic and, more recently, a Pediatric Long-Hauler Clinic. Cassie Rentschler, NP, PPG – Neurology, and Denise Gilham, NP, PPG – Pediatric Pulmonary and Critical Care, offer a more in-depth explanation of these multidisciplinary clinics, aimed at helping our patients navigate their post-COVID setbacks. The goal is to make post-COVID care more convenient and provide hope for recovery.

If you have concerns about persisting post-COVID symptoms, you can request a referral to the long-hauler clinic through your pediatrician or primary care provider. All patients must have a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis and be at least four weeks post-diagnosis with lingering symptoms.


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