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Power-LOAD® technology benefits EMS staff and patients

Last Modified: May 14, 2019

Generosity Heals

When the alarm sounds, and our EMS medics go out on a call, they never know precisely what they will encounter when they arrive on a scene. Those uncertainties are situations that our EMS staff deal with on a constant basis and we greatly appreciate their service. For the Parkview LaGrange Hospital (PLH) EMS staff, thanks to generous Parkview LaGrange Foundation supporters, the proverbial “tool box” has been improved. Our team members now have Stryker Power-LOAD® powered ambulance cots on our EMS vehicles.

According to Bruce Coney, PLH EMS manager, “Our EMS medics are able to utilize the Stryker Power-LOAD® systems to aid in lifting patients in/out of the EMS. The powered cots provide additional safety for our patients and for our technicians. It is a win-win situation for the patients and for our first responders. We are all benefiting from the generous donors of the Parkview LaGrange Foundation and we offer our sincere thanks to each of you.”

Coney continued, saying, “Since these resources were installed in three of our EMS vehicles just a few weeks ago, they have been used multiple times each day to provide additional safety for our patients and for our medics. This power-assist device is truly a blessing for our team and for those we serve.”

Through your generosity, our EMS medics and our patients benefit from the additional resource in our transport vehicles that increases safety for everyone involved in caring for patients.

Thank you for your generous spirit and for donating to Parkview Foundation. Every gift helps people in our community!


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