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Power in partnering with Super Shot

Last Modified: August 15, 2023

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The Parkview Health mission centers on improving health and inspiring well-being in the communities we serve. As a not-for-profit organization, Parkview reinvests its resources into services and programs that directly impact these facets of life for people of all ages and all circumstances.

With such a broad range of needs in the areas we serve, the health system benefits from expanding its support by collaborating with like-minded community partners. These relationships strengthen organizations created to reach specific populations or facilitate specialty care for particular groups or needs.

Super Shot

In 1992, Dr. Jane Irmscher, Health Commissioner of the Allen County Health Department, and Sister Mary Conrad Kirchhoff brought key community leaders together to address the area’s low immunization rate. Local hospitals, including, then Parkview Memorial Hospital, Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS), the Fort Wayne/Allen County Board of Health and other organizations dedicated to community wellness created an alliance to form Super Shot, with the mission to “Promote vaccination and provide access to immunization community-wide.”

Super Shot

Connie Heflin, executive director, Super Shot, points out that the partnership with Parkview Health over the past 30 years is one powerful factor in the organization’s ability to deliver approximately 800,000 vaccines to young people in the community.

“Our partnership with Parkview really benefits children in our community,” Connie said. “We serve families, regardless of income level, with dignity and respect. We don’t turn anybody away for inability to pay. Without Parkview, we couldn’t do that.”

 Super Shot is located at 1515 Hobson Road, which gives the team a reliable space to provide their services. “One of the most impactful ways Parkview has supported us is by donating our permanent clinic location. Now we can be open weekends and evenings and be more accessible to our community and children,” Connie said.

Super Shot, Parkview and FWCS

Parkview community nurses, in partnership with Super Shot and FWCS, offers an immunization clinic at the Fort Wayne Community Schools Family Community and Engagement Center (FACE).

“I love that this space is called that,” Mary Hess, director, health and wellness, FWCS, said. “Because we’re engaging community partners, parents and students so we can work together.

“We want to make sure that kids have the immunizations they need to start school,” Mary said.  “When we look at students in kindergarten, 6th grade and 12th grade about half of the kids come in at the start of the year behind in their immunizations. We wanted to think outside of the normal delivery of medicine and do something that served parents.” Students can receive their vaccinations at the FACE, the Super Shot clinic or during any occasions when community nurses provide them at the schools.

“We really try to take the burden off of families. No matter how complicated, we don’t want students to lose school time,” Mary said. “Projects like this couldn’t happen without strong partnerships like this. And it’s important that kids’ health is protected, and schools are protected because it protects our community at large.”

Connie echoes Mary sentiments. “When we come together and work as a community, we can do what no one can do alone,” shee said. “We can solve problems, respond to pandemics and make sure everyone has access to healthcare immunizations.”

You can schedule an appointment with Super Shot by visiting them at

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