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Last Modified: November 21, 2016

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Tell me a story.

Stories have always been a lifeline to the essence of who we are. Dating back to the earliest days of mankind, stories have been recorded and shared. So, when Parkview employees uncovered a treasure trove of historical images and documents, there was only one thing to do: record Parkview’s story.

These videos will take you back to 19th century boardrooms where decisions were made that would change healthcare in northeast Indiana forever. And, these decisions would not be the last of their kind. Each decade brought new decisions for our community in the face of a changing world and the people of Parkview were there through every turn.

Thanks to the hard work of Scott Nitza, Paul VanCamp and countless other Parkview employees, and made possible by support from the community through the Parkview Foundations, we present to you Parkview’s history, dating back to 1878 and traveling through time to the 1990s as Parkview Hospital prepared to transform into Parkview Health System.

Featuring never-before-seen photos, historical information and live interviews, Parkview’s History is a story of compassion and generosity, tenacity and determination, setbacks and success. This is not just Parkview’s story—this is Fort Wayne’s story, our story, your story.  

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