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Parkview Sports Medicine tees up results

Last Modified: February 21, 2017

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An estimated 30 million Americans have hit the links in the last 12 months, proving that golf is a game anyone can enjoy, from novice to seasoned pro. (Weather permitting, of course.) Rob Norton, MPT, ATC, TPI Certified Level 1/BodiTrak Certified, Director, Parkview TherapyONE, outlines the work Parkview Sports Medicine is doing to help golfers work on their long game and minimize any aches and pains they might be experiencing along the way.

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is a leading educational organization dedicated to studying how the body functions in relation to the golf swing. Parkview Sports Medicine has several TPI certified experts, located at Parkview TherapyONE, who can work with athletes, from high school freshmen to collegiate golfers to seniors. The program is especially suited to the needs of recreational golfers with the goals of improving distance and achieving a pain-free swing.  

Through a one-hour assessment, the TPI certified provider will analyze a golfer’s swing and create a plan to make their form more efficient. They will also look at any motor skill or musculoskeletal limitations that may make the golfer prone to injury. Each golfer receives a personalized at-home program, with follow up sessions available as desired.

To learn more, contact Parkview TherapyONE at (260) 266-7400. 

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