About TherapyONE



TherapyONE, formerly a division of Ortho NorthEast, is now part of Parkview Health.

Parkview TherapyONE specializes in physical therapy and rehabilitation care with a musculoskeletal focus.

Our physical therapists are committed to getting you back to your previous level of function following an injury, illness, surgery or diagnosis of disease. We will work with you and your family to meet your personal recovery goals.


Our team of experts offers subspecialty approaches, including:

  • Comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan

  • Focus on personalized, one-on-one treatment sessions

  • Emphasis on a full recovery to get you back on your feet, on the job or back in the game

  • Custom orthotic fabrication (PRMC and Clinton locations)

  • Balance/vertigo therapies (PRMC location)

  • Golf fitness performance (PRMC and Illinois Road locations)

  • Return-to-sport testing  (Clinton location)

  • Pilates-based rehabilitation (PRMC and Illinois Road locations)

  • Certified hand therapists (PRMC, Clinton and Illinois Road locations)

We have four convenient locations:

11130 Parkview Circle
Parkview Regional Medical Center campus, Entrance 7
Fort Wayne, IN 46845

5050 N. Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

10515 Illinois Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46814

Ash Skyline Plaza
838 South Harrison Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802


If you have questions about therapy services, please call (260) 266-7400.


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