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Dani and Natalie Rice bond over their nursing education

Last Modified: May 09, 2024

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Dani Rice wanted to be a nurse from a young age. However, she fell into a career in banking instead and excelled for many years. “I reached a point in my life where I realized I had the time and could pursue what I really wanted to do and go back to being a nurse,” Dani said.

She quickly identified a need for more hands-on experience. “I started going to school and with my first clinical, I felt completely out of my comfort zone,” she said. “I’d never been in the medical field. So, I came to Parkview and became a tech.” During that time, Parkview introduced the Student Nurse Program.

Passing along the opportunity

After hearing about the program, Dani mentioned it to her stepdaughter, Natalie Rice, who was also considering a career in nursing. “I’d wanted to be a vet,” Natalie said. “But Dani started nursing school, and the more I looked into it, the more interested I was. She suggested I try the Student Nurse Program to dip my toes in and see if I liked it. Once I got some experience in the hospital, I realized I did.”

Seeing the benefits of the program firsthand, Dani switched to the Student Nurse Program, too. “I’m currently a student nurse apprentice, which is the last position before you graduate,” Dani explained.” She will complete her schooling this September, to earn her BSN. Natalie is currently a student nurse assistant, which is the program's first level. She will move up to student nurse technician when she finishes this semester.


Bonding as they go

Natalie, who is loving her time helping patients in the postpartum area with Dani, is on the path to a fulfilling career, and she has her stepmother’s support every step of the way. “Natalie is super caring and gets to know people on a deeper level. She’s strong in that way,” Dani shared. “Now that we work together on the same floor, talking about our experiences is so fun. It’s brought us closer.”

Natalie is quick to toss the compliments right back to Dani. “She will be a great nurse because she has such empathy and compassion for others,” she said. “It’s great because Dani’s ahead of me, so if I do have questions or a day I’m frustrated, I can go home, and she knows what’s going on.”

The women would love to keep working together as the bonds of their careers continue to strengthen.

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