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Are you following these 3 rules for outdoor foot protection?

Last Modified: May 29, 2020

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Foot safety

This post was written by Ashley M. Bojrab, DPM, FACFAS, ABPM, PPG – Podiatry.  

As COVID-19 restrictions lift and the weather turns favorable, many of us are finding new activities to fill our time and keep our minds and bodies occupied. We’re venturing outdoors for home improvement projects and more time in the open air. While this shift is beneficial, it’s important to keep these three rules for foot protection in mind to prevent injury.

Rule No. 1: No shoes is a no go. 

Any time you go outside, even to walk to the mailbox, you should be wearing shoes. This measure is the best protection against injury as a result of stepping on a stone, getting a splinter or puncturing your foot in any way. 

Rule No. 2: Protection is important.

When using outdoor machinery, such as a lawn mower, chainsaw, trimmer, edger, etc., you should be wearing protective shoe gear, preferably with a steel toe, to prevent harm if an accident should occur. Of course, other items that could be helpful when doing projects around the house, such as eyewear, noise-canceling headphones, dust masks, work gloves etc., are also important.  

Rule No. 3: Don’t skip the socks.

Don’t forget your socks! Activity and working around the house, especially on warmer days, can cause our feet to sweat and produce moisture. Socks help absorb that moisture and protect feet from friction, which can lead to blisters or unwanted sores. This wardrobe item is essential during all activity.

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