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A tale of two hospitals–a mother of three shares her experience

Last Modified: January 22, 2024

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birth story

When Wabash resident Rebekah Haynes learned she was expecting again, she knew exactly who she wanted to provide her care on her journey. The mother to Arlo, 5, and Kalia, 3, shared some of her experience splitting her care between Parkview Wabash Hospital and the Family Birthing Center at Parkview Huntington Hospital, and the positive journey of bringing Kai, now 1, into the world.

Can you please share who was on your care team?

Shelly Boone, CNM, [certified nurse-midwife], was the primary provider that I saw for all three of my pregnancies. I saw Dr. [Kevin] Stamm, [PPG – OB/GYN] once in each of my first two pregnancies. And I saw Alisa Felke, CNM, [certified nurse-midwife], once during my prenatal care with Kati, and she actually delivered my second two babies.

What were your thoughts about delivering at the Parkview Huntington Family Birthing Center? 

I delivered my other kids there, so it was what I was comfortable with. Back when I was pregnant with Arlo, all of my appointments were at Huntington and I knew I would be delivering there from the start. My husband and I felt comfortable with the distance from Wabash and knew we could get there quickly enough should the need arise.

What can you share about your prenatal care at Parkview Wabash?

I love this office! With Kai, we scheduled as many appointments as worked into the schedule at the Wabash office. It worked so much better with my schedule and finding childcare when I didn't have to drive to Huntington for the short routine appointments. The staff at both locations were great! They are kind and so helpful! Over the years I have gotten to know them fairly well!

What can you share about your delivery experience at Parkview Huntington?

I've had good, but pretty long deliveries. I was five days late with my first and ended up being induced because I think Arlo would have stayed in there forever if he could have! Because he was so unexpectedly large, Shelly and I discussed inducing at 39 weeks for my next two pregnancies. My daughter’s delivery pretty much followed suit. We checked in to the hospital, stayed overnight with assistance to get my body ready to give birth, and then the next day was full of Pitocin, waiting, an epidural, and a baby that waited to arrive until evening. Angie Swanson was the best at doing all the initial paperwork at the hospital. We had taken our birthing and lactation classes with her as well, so the process was always pretty smooth.

Kai was a bit of a surprise ... in all aspects. I went in for my 38-week appointment at the Wabash office. I was supposed to be checked by Shelly to see how I was progressing and before she entered the room, my water broke! I opened the door and called the nurse in. They were all a bit shocked, and I was feeling frazzled, but Shelly was fabulous. She checked me to get a feel for the situation. I had been dropped off for that appointment and a friend had taken my kids, but I had the key fob, so they were stuck across town with no way to start the van and I was now stuck at the Wabash office with no way to them.

birth story

Shelly found someone to drive me to the van and got me situated. I had to run home and pack a bag and get my husband. It all worked out just fine as we quickly got things together and made our way to the hospital. The staff at Wabash had contacted Huntington for us and by the time we arrived, they were expecting us. An epidural and sometime later, our beautiful third child, Kai, joined us!


What would you say in regard to the convenience of your care?

I truly feel like the midwifery team does their best to make it easiest for you. I know they prefer to do the ultrasounds at the Huntington office, but when I found out I was pregnant with Kai and wasn't sure how far along I was, they were able to get me in at Wabash. We had no trouble making it to Huntington when it was time to deliver, even when my water broke at the office and I had to go home and make arrangements for my other two kids. Then my follow-ups were right here close to home at Wabash, which was nice.

Wabash and Huntington aren’t that far apart and it felt like it was a little easier to get in sooner when I needed to be seen, because if it didn't work at one location, I was confident they could get me in at the other. If you get scheduled with the provider you feel most comfortable with, there isn't much of a difference between where you see them.

What were the biggest positives of your prenatal and delivery experiences?

Shelly, hands down! I loved being pregnant and giving birth because she was invested from the start. There were some great nurses along the way as well.

birth story

Anything you wish to share with expecting mothers who will follow a similar experience of splitting care between community hospitals and facilities?

I understand that using two facilities may come with a level of anxiety, but from my experience, both locations are staffed with wonderful people who want to help you have the best experience. Both locations have communicated back and forth for me on several occasions to save me the hassle. And while you may have to travel a half hour to give birth, I love the small feel of Huntington, where you aren't moved from room to room and the care you get is great. The care at Huntington far exceeded what I had anticipated, with all of my deliveries.  

You can learn more about our Family Birthing Centers, connect with a nurse navigator and explore our offerings for expecting mothers by visiting us online here.


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