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A sigh of relief

Last Modified: October 26, 2020

Generosity Heals


One year ago, Parkview Trauma Services saw a need and created a new team – the Difficult Airway Response Team (DART). This unique response unit is comprised of multifaceted individuals, including a trauma surgeon who can provide an emergency tracheostomy, an anesthesiologist who can perform difficult intubations, the rapid response nursing team and Respiratory Therapy. This multidisciplinary group is called into action when a patient has an emergent airway-related adverse event.

Additionally, to assist this new and innovative collaboration, three carts within the respiratory department were converted to airway response units and have all the supplies needed to access an airway, including a tracheostomy kit for the surgeon. The team decided to place a cart in the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit (STICU), the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) and the Parkview Heart Institute.

Vital tools

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the DART carts proved to be even more necessary, and with donor support to the Parkview Foundation, the DART team acquired an additional respiratory cart. Initially, the rapid response team would access a cart from another department and bring it to the patient for immediate response. Now, the additional cart will provide opportunities to serve patients more efficiently in different departments of Parkview Regional Medical Center.

“We felt it was too far to safely and effectively push a cart clear to Oncology or even further for the Ortho Hospital. Having this cart on the Oncology floor makes the team more safe, efficient and gets the supplies to the patient quicker,” Joe Napier, respiratory supervisor, Parkview Regional Medical Center, expressed. “This cart will save lives if there is an emergent need for an airway in oncology or the Ortho Hospital.”

The team also purchased an Aerial Blood Gas Arm for Parkview Regional Medical Center and Parkview Hospital Randallia locations for Respiratory Therapy. This training device allows staff to practice their skills and evaluate their technique before employing it on a live patient. This purchase was made possible through funding from the Aim High Conference Fund. Designated for use for items outside the budget, this fund is refilled annually by the more than 130 respiratory therapists and nurses in attendance at the credentialing conference, held since 2008.


The donor difference

Donors to the Parkview Foundations can choose to support one or more of the programs that support Parkview Health patient care experiences, such as patient screenings and medication assistance programs. It is because of our donors that our patients receive this exceptional, life-saving care. “The respiratory department did not have the funds to purchase another cart, so we are very thankful for this generous gift. We thank the Parkview Foundation donors very much,” Joe and the DART team said, grateful for the opportunity.

To learn more about the Foundation or how you can help, please visit You can support the work which matters most to you. Choose from over 130 funds or give to our Greatest Need Fund, which enables us to meet the ever-changing healthcare needs of our patients, their families and our co-workers.

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