Meet Our Birth Planners

Let your birth planner pamper you.

From prenatal classes to birthing plans, she’ll coordinate everything.

When you’re having a baby, there’s so much to plan and do. That’s why Parkview gives you something that no other area hospital offers — your very own birth planner - someone to guide you through every step of your journey. From tours and pre-registration to helping you plan the special “Family Hour” after your baby is born, your birth planner takes care of everything. She’ll even create a personalized pregnancy and delivery plan just for you.

Think of her as your “go-to” person at Parkview. Whenever you have a question, just give her a call or drop her an email. She’s only too happy to answer. She’ll help you prepare for your big day now, saving you time later on when you’re admitted. Best of all, her services are free! Your Parkview birth planner can:

  • Help you pre-register
  • Give you a tour of the Family Birthing Center
  • Create a record of your OB history
  • Get you signed up for prenatal classes
  • Create an individualized pregnancy and delivery plan
  • Familiarize you with all the amenities available – from 24-hour room service to free Wi-Fi
  • Help you plan the special “Family Hour” just after your baby is born
  • Serve as a contact person for all of your questions and concerns
  • Connect you with useful resources
  • Follow up with you after you baby is born

Get to know each of our birth planners.

Leslie Miller

Parkview Hospital Randallia

Angela Swanson

Parkview Hospital Huntington

Brook Hartman

Parkview LaGrange Hospital

Michelle Harlan

Parkview Noble Hospital

Laurie Nierman

Parkview Whitley Hospital

Brittany Wessel

Parkview DeKalb Hospital