Especially for Women’s Health

Our unique approach to women’s health can help you, as a woman, improve your life. Physical therapy is more than recovery from injury. It’s about meeting you where you are and helping you achieve a sense of well-being at home, work and beyond. For many women, specialized physical therapy can enhance their daily lives and well-being by treating conditions that are unique to them.

Our experienced physical therapist has specialized training to help you overcome these concerns:

  • Pelvic floor strengthening, before or after surgery
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Chronic, painful inflammation of the bladder wall
  • Chronic pelvis pain and painful intercourse
  • Pain and dysfunction during and following pregnancy
  • Separation of stomach muscles following pregnancy (diastasis recti)
  • Abdominal pain

Margaret Bronson, Lead Physical Therapist

Margaret Bronson, Lead Physical Therapist

Margaret has achieved the following certifications with in these areas:

  • Board certified women’s heath clinical specialist (WCS)
  • Certified pelvic physical therapist (CAPP)
  • Certified orthopedic manual therapist (COMT)
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS)
  • Extensive experience in treating various women’s health and wellness conditions

Services are provided by a team of therapy professionals trained in specific conditions related to women. Medical Park 11 offers a comfortable and private clinic setting on the Parkview Regional Medical Center campus. This convenient location provides ample parking close to the building and easy access to specialty physician offices. Call (260) 266-4080 to make an appointment.